Behaviors can be Driven by Fear – Parenting with Connection

Is fear driving your child’s behavior? So often the answer is yes. What to learn from the best, explore the site below “The concept of dysregulation is important because it explains why misbehavior requires a connected response, not a punishment. More often than not, dysregulation is driven by fear. Punishment creates more fear, which only

Decrease the behavior by supporting the true needs of the child

Early trauma, medical or emotional, can cause a  child to not develop the systems they need to feel secure.  Recognizing that a child’s behavior may not be willful disrespect can help us provide the support the child needs to change his or her behaviors. Want more information, explore the post below. “Scaffolding is the most

Sitting Alone in a Special Need’s World.

Jonathan’s mom and I had coffee this morning.  She was talking about how lonely it sometimes feels to parent a special need’s child. You see Jonathan is in high school.  His freshman year.  He is in the gifted program and he loves football. It was the the first game of the season.   Jonathan was so