My Thougths About Blogging Today

Ok, so I’m not really sure where this will go but I can find all this information on the web from parents of younger kids and pages for adults to exchange information but very little on transitioning from high school to college or work when your child has a disability.  Especially if the child is only receiving 504 services.  504 in Texas means basically just nursing support and classroom modifications.  Homework and tests can also be modified.  For more about 504 services (

People seem to drop off the radar when the child enters middle school.  Maybe at that time their child can read the blog or maybe they are to busy but transition information for kids with disability to hard to find.  I’m talking about life experience. I know you need to get on this or that wait list.

But what can I do now?
What problems have people faced in the past?
I would love someone to say, I wish in 5th grade, I focused more on this or that!
Hopefully as I write, I will find myself satisfied with the choices that were made for Mel.

Today’s Just A Day

Today is Just a Day
Tomorrow Just a Thought

Today  is  yesterday’s  Pupil
Tomorrow  is  today’s  Dream

Today is a day to Wonder
Tomorrow a day to Wish

Today is Present and Fluid
Tomorrow holds the Future

                                                                                                                                                                                                           .April Anders.


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