Laundry – Signs of Hope

I awoke to the sounds of my child.  My teenage child, moving about the home.  Last night we had discussed a need for clean jeans.  As I was  listening, I could hear, she was up and I think, I hoped, doing those jeans.  Now we had purchased a front opening washer and a front opening dryer when she was in elementary school.  We were planning ahead.  This was a life task and I wanted her to practice. She had practiced.  The task had been broken down, she had done each step; yet this day was different.  This day, I had not asked. This day, it was not going to be just one step.  This day she was driven by her own desire.  Obstacles were also in place.  I knew in front of the washer was a pile of clothing.  Clothing that would get in her way.  Should I get up?  I just listened and smiled.  I was pleased this morning for this simple task of doing her own laundry was a sign to me she was growing up.  This was a sign of her being just a teenager who wanted that certain piece of clothing for a special event.


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