The Middle School Years….Time To Set The Long Term Goals

Transitions happen all the time.  Middle school was the time to sit back and think.  Do we really need to do every single activity in Texas. Does that make it better?  North Texas has so much to offer but it was time to let my girl lead.  To see a few options visit ( or or ).

Middle school was a time to follow her interests.  Yes, we made it to middle school with just 504 support.  We had not had seizures or a shunt revision.  Learning struggles yes, but really they were no more than any child might have.  It was time to set the long-term goals. Time to start thinking about what makes a child successful post high school.

I remember neighbor kids, who knew a child with Spina Bifida, mentioning “She uses Spina Bifida as an excuse to get out of things”.  It was time to think, what adaptation and expectation .  What was just an excuse to make life easier? But then did I not have a right to make her life easier?  But was this making it easier going to hurt her in the long run?  When to push, when to just accept extra help?

I do recall the first time she realized I had approved her to have shorter test.  Shorter tests were allowed  in School under her 504 but only when she was struggling.  Was this fair?  Others struggled and did not get shorter tests.  Fair, life is not fair.  Ok the story.  She came home and asked why her test was different from a friends.  I played dumb. “What do you mean?”  I asked.  She replied. – A friend had noticed her test was only 3 pages and hers was 4.  She wanted to know why her test was shorter.   Did she really need a shorter test?  By middle school, I had totally left it up to the teacher.  I really had no idea when she was getting shorter tests and when she got the real test.  I guess it was time for me to become re-involved.  It was time to make sure she was going to be ready for college.  Was she going to get shorter tests in college?  Probably not.  Time to get rid of that extra help.  Time to start getting her ready for high school and beyond.  Time to really start thinking of the biggest transition to come. COLLEGE

“College students are adults and the expectations of them differ dramatically from what was asked in high school.  Parents not only are not expected to advocate directly for the student, they may be actively discouraged from doing so.”  Read more at


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