Mel’s Perception of Mel

All blogs, all posts are random thoughts.  One chooses to recall what impacts them.   It does not matter if the memory is recent or years earlier.  All posts are memories of perception.

Mel and I are sitting in Braums.  Probably with Coleman and Shandra.  She was young, but had to be at least in kindergarten.  Braums is a small ice cream store. We are sitting at a metal table with red padded chairs.  My favorite, banana almond shakes.  The kids are eating cones, the ice cream probably dripping on the table.  An elderly man walks in using a walker.  He is bent and shuffling, probably from a stroke; his face, not exactly right.  I remember seeing him as proud but struggling.  And Mel says, “Man, he walks funny!”  My heart stopped, really, could my child have just said that!  My nice, sweet, innocent girl. Surely she has seen her own walking.

Kindergarten, first grade, elementary school. Every time Mel flipped out of the chair, or had the smallest injury, I get a call from school.  By 5th grade, this was more annoying than anything.  SHE IS FINE I would want to scream back in the phone.  Mel’s probably in 1st grade and I get the call.  Ms Anders, “I just wanted to let you know that Mel in fine, she toppled out of her chair at recess and was sent her to the nurse, she is not injured, feels ok so she is back in class.”  And the Pause….  Ok.  I’d reply, “Thanks for calling.”   When I picked up Mel, she said.  “Mom, I flipped at school today……at Recess”.  “Oh” was my typical reply.  She says, “I really hate it when I look up and everyone is standing around me, staring”

The pickup lines after middle school can be so long, However; this facilities great conversations.  Mel, “Jenny asked me if I wanted to walk”  I pause with an “OK”.  Mel continues “I said no I don’t”  “Why” I respond.  Mel, “Cause then I would not be me”.

In high school, the calls no longer come, unless the elevator is broken.  Mel “Mom, I fell today”.  Mom, “Really, Why?” Mel, “I was learning back against the wall and I guess I leaned too far.”  Mom, “And”   “Mr. Stevens helped me back in.” Mom, “And”  “I think my phone broke”

The family is in New York.  I have a habit of looking for others in chairs when we are on vacation. I have only seen one or two this week.  Do people who use wheelchair live in New York?  New York people move fast, and the sidewalks have so many obstacles.  And the subways, you can only get on at certain stops.  That seems crazy difficult.  Anyway, we are doing our tourist thing; and avoiding the subways.  The family is headed back to the hotel.  Mel is in 8th grade so she is doing most, if not all the pushing.  The lights change fast.  The light turns green and off we go across the street.  Halfway across, Mel’s chair caster hits a hole in the street and she flips out.  She has flipped right in the middle of the intersection, right in front of a taxi.  PANIC, not Mel but me.  She’s heavy, she’s laughing, and the Taxi is honking.  I toss her back in the chair and push her to the corner.  No injuries.  She is still laughing.  She is worried about something she might have dropped.  A tall man hands it back it her, I do not recall the it.  Off we go..


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