You Can’t Find TIME

You can find your keys, you can find your car in a parking lot and you can even find your location on GPS.  You cannot however find TIME.  Time is a constant; it is always moving, changing and passing.  You have to make time; time to care for others and time to care for yourself.  The best way to show someone you love them is to take the time to care for yourself.  This assures you will be their when it matters.  Really there; not too exhausted to play or too busy to listen.

When my older sister had her first child, I was honored to get to live with her as her husband was in the military.  Timothy was so small, so adorable and had a great pair of lungs.  As I was rocking him late one night, I reached over and read a card that was lying nearby.  It read

Rocking My Baby – Author Unknown

 Cleaning And Scrubbing

 Can Wait

Till Tomorrow…

For Babies Grow Up

 We’ve Learned

 To Our Sorrow…

So Quiet Down


 Dust Go To


 I’m Rocking

My Baby,

 And Babies

Don’t Keep

I pondered those words.  My sister was not the sentimental kind but had, for some reason, found meaning in this congratulatory card.

As I look back over the past 18 years. The best memories were formed when I made the time; the time to forget all about the disability and just hang out as a family.  As a mom of a special needs child, I needed those words imprinted on my brain.  I had to find the time for me, to be present for my child.  It was so easy to give up precious sleep to research or worry.  It was so easy to dive into each and every event that was available to help assure I was doing all I can

 Do you know that you do not have to use every last therapy visit allotted by your health insurance.  It took me some time to realize that it was of little use to bring Mel to a visit when there were no clear goals.  And an even better idea, take the holiday off.  One or two visits will really not make a difference 10 years down the road.  Mel’s therapists were wonderful and I cherish most the first one who told me to take Christmas off.  In fact, she told me to take 2 weeks off and go do something just to have fun.


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