High School to College – Transitional Links

As Mel is moving from high school to college in a less than 2 years, I am constantly on the lookout for information to help make this transition successful.  All her life, I have sought to be a few years ahead of the game.  When she was enrolling in daycare, I was focused on kindergarten.  When she enrolled in kindergarten, I was thinking about third grade.  I constantly asked my self, will this or that help her achieve in 3 or 4 years.  This line of thinking gave me security in the present and allowed me to think ahead.

With that being said, I will post links to information I think will help her after high school.

Let me start with a link I found a few month ago. I have searched and searched for information about interviewing.  This one is from the University of North Texas.  It is information about how to be ready for a job interview   http://careercenter.unt.edu/pdf/students/job_interviews_booklets.pdf

I also love this site.  I found it several years ago and I think it has good information not only for kids with spina bifida but for kids with almost any kind of medical difficulty.  You can put in your child’s age and it asks you questions and gives advice on what to think about at each stage.  http://www.sbpreparations.org/

A friend set me this  a few days ago.  Thanks.  It is general information on promoting success beyond high school.  It is really short and just gave me a few things to think about. http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ovae/pi/hsinit/papers/trans.pdf

I found a National Transitional Program that gives information from at a national level.  http://www.collegetransition.org/resources.programdevelopment.html

Here is a college summer program to help kids learn about the transition from college to high school. It’s a little far for Mel, but I thought someone might like the information. http://www.landmark.edu/academics/summer-and-january-programs/transitions/  I did find a similar one in the Dallas area but I do not think Mel needs anything this structured.  http://www.richlandcollege.edu/gedtransitions/. I am guessing there are other programs like the above in different areas of the world.  I would love to have your links, suggestions and ideas.

Here is another Dallas Site that does transitions.  I suggest you call and ask about the program.  I have the pleasure of being friends with one of the staff members and she walked Mel through a mock assessment.  http://www.baylorhealth.com/PhysiciansLocations/Plano/SpecialtiesServices/PhysMedRehab/Pages/OCHAllen.aspx

Beacon College is the first accredited college offering BA and AA degrees exclusively for students with learning disabilities, ADHD, or gifted LD.  It’s web page http://www.beaconcollege.edu/

As I continue to search for information for Mel, I will update this post.  Happy hunting as knowledge is power.

Life keeps rolling forward.  You can’t stop it so you might as well enjoy the ride


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