Organizational Apps – High School & College

Mel is a junior in high school and thus I am trying to help her become more organized and independent; especially with her study habits. In college, the class grades can be based on 3 or 4 tests. With  500+ students in a class the students has less time to interact with the instructor.  Projects are due at random times with instructors no longer reminding kids to turn in their work. This is a big change from the high school curriculum in which mom can call the instructor for clarification and grades can be checked on-line.

I am looking for apps for Mel to use to keep track of her own schedule. My goal is for her to start using the app while a senior in high school. I will then only watch her grades from a far and not remind her of her academic responsibilities. I’m hoping she will then be better prepared for college life.

The following apps look promising.  The summaries were found by googling the app name.  Any feedback?

iStudiez Pro is an app that helps you manage and organize your college or university academic schedule and coursework. This app organizes access to your calendar, schedules (semesters, classes) as well as instructor information, assignments, study groups, deadlines, etc. in one app. Entering information is simple, and once completed, iStudiez Pro sends out notifications for deadlines and classes each day-a great way to keep organized. One of their newest features allows the app to “Cloud Sync” enabling it to synchronize your data on all your iOS devices and back it up to their servers. Their website has a very comprehensive guide to using the app.

College TA is a time-management application which allows students to effectively manage their academic, social, and personal lifestyles. This free application serves as the perfect tool to help students with managing nearly every aspect of their lives. This time management software currently allows students to effectively manage and keep track of various tasks, which may include: assignments, course & professor information, events, etc.

inClass is a free app that has some features similar to iStudiez Pro. It is a good basic app for organizing your terms, courses and daily calendar but it also has the added benefit of note-taking with the app. So, your notes are organized for you within your courses and your daily schedule. However, there are some important features within the note-taking option that allow it to stand out: when note-taking you have the option to record audio (even in the background), insert or take a picture as well as file-share. All are useful options for students with learning disabilities, as students can benefit from audio and visual enhancements to printed notes as well as the tight integration of reminders of due dates of tasks in courses.

Suggestions are welcome.  I’ll let you know which apps work for her.


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