Three Things taken Away From A College Day for Kids with Mobility Impairments

Three things taken away from college day – reprinted with permission from the Dallas Jr Wheelchair Mavs Facebook Page

During your child’s freshman and sophomore years, get with a social worker at any facility your child receives medical care, TSRH (Texas Scottish Rite Hospital) or therapy.  Ask for information on DARS, ask for information regarding transition services in your area; ask your school who will be in  charge of getting transition information to your child.  Also having your child volunteer is important.  Its makes connections and is needed for some school programs.

During the junior years, meet with the local school DARS or call DARS yourself.  It is time to start decreasing any classroom modification as colleges typically do not modify school work. It’s time to put the child in charge of their medical processes ie ordering medications and checking the skin.  Visit local college and the college of your child’s dreams.  Accessibility is key to success.  Meet with the college disability services; different schools have different services.  Service access is Key to success.  Meet with your schools 504, special education and/or counseling staff at least 3 times and make a plan to get your kid on the path to college or higher education.

During the first half of the senior year, meet with the school 504, special education staff and/or counselors several times to make sure all is in place, meet with any social worker you may have access to, meet with your DARS representative.  Go visit the colleges of choice.  Look at the dorms, walk the campus.  College accessibility changes take time; do not expect “a wall” to be moved for your child’s benefit.

Anyone have other recommendations?


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