I Pick Up My Kids Late From School

I pick up my kids late from school

Why? Why do I pick up my kids twenty to thirty minutes after the bell rings. To avoid traffic sure but I have a better reason. Allowing kids an extra few minutes to talk builds relationships. Is this world not all about relationships?

Every mom wants her kid to have friends.  As Mel was moving into middle school and then into high school, her school peer interactions were dwindling?  Middle school and high school kids tend to hang away from the home. Friendships develop around similar interests and similar skills.  Mel was not able to walk 5 blocks over across grass, curbs and muck to meet up and interact.  Her mobility impairment was interfering with her one on one, spontaneous interactions.

My solution.  Drop her off early and pick her up late from school.  This provided an opportunity for her to spend a few extra minutes building relationships with her school peers.  It gives her time to talk. To interact with peers in an unstructured environment.

Well, its 7:19am in Texas. School is 10 minutes away and Mel is wanting to head out.  School starts at 8:15am. I’m feeling good this morning.

I Love This World.


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