Learning to Tie Shoes

When you break down the steps, this simple life skill becomes easier.

I have used this technique to teach so many kids how to tie their shoes.  I teach shoe tying by breaking down the processes into steps. I teach a few steps at a time and then its “my turn” to finish.

For example, teach them the first few steps in crossing the laces over each other and then pushing the “Snake” into the hole. “Hand in the lap” is a way to get the kids to see each step. Once one set of steps is mastered, I have the kids move to the next natural break in the processes.  I always teach this skill with the shoe off the foot before I teach it on the foot.

Most kids do not have the hand and sequencing skills to tie their shoes until kindergarten.  This is a teachable skill but it is easiest to wait until the child, with learning struggles, is at least 5.  Daily practice is essential for mastery.


3 thoughts on “Learning to Tie Shoes

  1. It took me so long to learn to tie shoes, despite the best efforts of parents 🙂 I was offended when years later velcro-closure shoes came out and someone suggested I could get some – “Do you know how long it took me to learn to tie shoes! I’m not giving that skill up!” Virtual high five to everyone who struggles through and learns the skill; thanks much for helping a new generation of shod people learn the trick!

  2. Thanks for reading. On the funny side, in middle school, it became uncool for my son to tie his shoes. He tucked the laces in the sides of the shoes. Fun days.

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