It’s Mom Time

Chocolate Strawberry

Strawberry & Cream
Choc Chips
Top with Whip Cream and Mocha Drizzle

It’s mom time.  It’s a time when this mom gets to enjoy the Chocolate Strawberries of life.  Silence, Peace and a good cup of Coffee.

This Texas house is quite, expect for the occasional on and off on the heater.  Its set at 72 degrees.  My bare toes tell me 72 is still a little chilly.  Outside, I hear the signs of early spring as the birds start to exchange morning greeting.  The kids will be up soon.  Up to start the day their way.  One with a hush of tranquility, the other full of character.  Both on paths to their weekend routines.

I cherish my quiet time.  As a parent of kids, especially a special need kid.  I am constantly bombarded with input.  Opinions, needs,  and worries can motive me or drive me into a crazy land.  The constant nurturing, drive to learn, and need to protect leads to a wild range of parenting styles. My style fluctuates from all out Tiger Lady, to a very laid back Wait and See What Happens approach.  Most parenting styles are somewhat effective; however all parents need to juggle the intensity of their caring or risk stress related illnesses.

The airlines have it right. Put on your oxygen mask before your loved ones or risk being no good to anyone.

The doves have started cooing. That is a sign the kids will be up soon. My Chocolate Strawberry drink needs a refill. Mine does not look a cute as the ones from Starbucks but it tastes pretty good.

Special needs parenting is the hardest job I’ll every love. What is your Chocolate Strawberry?


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