Truth or Trash

I first played this game in my son’s Sunday school class. It’s an easy game and can be adapted for almost any subject. The basic concept is to write learning objectives on paper and then hold up the paper. The kids yell Truth, if the statement is true. As they shout, they get to do a happy dance. If the statement is False, the paper is torn to shreds and tossed in the trash. It’s all about learning while having crazy fun.

I have used this with my 2nd and 3rd grade social skill/communication classes in the past. The kids love the action, the crazy dance and of course the boys love to shred the paper.

Typical Truth Statement
It is better to listen then to speak.
When you show interest in a person, you are letting them know you want to be a friend
Put your phone down when talking
It’s important to ask question about your peers interests.
When talking, avoids words like “Always” and “never”
If you expect someone to do something, make sure they understand what you need
It’s important to compliment your peers on what they are good at
It’s important to remember what your friends like and dislike

Trash Statements
It’s important to talk about your self when your friends are listening
When talking with friends, make sure you get to talk the most
There is no need to learn what your peers like and dislike
When you’re talking with your friends, use big, complicated words
Talking fast allows you to give more information
It’s important to make sure everyone knows when you win a trophy
It’s ok to look at the floor while talking
When you’re talking to a peer, it’s ok to keep checking your phone.

Be sure to discuss each statement as you go. Kids with learning challenges need concrete words and details. Do not assume they understand the terms. Keep discussing until they can tell you how performing the task benefits them.


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