Rush Hour Junior – A Great Educational Game

Rush Hour Junior is definitely a game that is better as a 3D game. The spatial learning, the perceptual skills, the following of directions, the learning about positional concepts are just not the same as when it is used on a screen as an app.

My first center with this game is having the kids just imitate the designs on the cards.  They look at a card, have to pick the correct vehicle out of the grouping and then figure out how to make the pattern on the provided playing field.  This is an excellent center to teach attention to details, perceptual skills, spatial relationship, figure ground and how things go together.

In the next center, I work on following directions and directional skills.  I have the child imitate the car pattern as in center one.  The back of the card gives instructions on how to move the ice cream truck from its current position to the opening in the side of the playing board.  I state the directions and the child has to move the piece as I requested. Ie move the red bus two spaces up or move the police car three spaces to the left.  I put an index card to the right or left of the playing board if directional skills are not a strong skill for the child I am working with.

In the last center, the kids play the game as it was intended to be played.  They place the vehicles as on the card. The cards are labeled by level of difficulty. The child then has to move the vehicles to free the ice cream trunk. When the ice cream truck can drive out the edge of the playing field, the child wins.  You can count the steps and see which child can move the truck with fewest number of move.

Definitely one of my favorite learning centers.


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