Three Common Myths about the Teenage Brain

When dealing with teens, it helps to understand how their brain is thinking and processing information. This is a great blog that really helped me.

The highlights I took away:
1. Adolescents can actually outperform adults in regulating impulses. Which circumstances was the key
2. Teens can make rational decisions.
3. Adolescence is a time when the brain is more capable than ever before and is being fine-tuned.
4. If the goal of adolescence is to gain independence from the family unit, then providing opportunities for adolescents to engage in new responsibilities is essential

Mom Psych

what are they thinkingThe latest issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science came this week and caused me a ‘major’ personal dilemma. My book club meets on Monday, and my Kindle tells me I’m only 2 percent of the way through Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, which I will be expected to discuss with a modicum of intelligence. But this is a special issue of CDPS, entirely devoted to research about the adolescent brain—a topic I’m going to be writing a 2,500-word article about in the very near future.

To read or not to read was not the question so much as which to read.

I settled on a compromise. I’d allow myself one article about teen brains and then devote myself wholeheartedly to Major Pettigrew. But where to begin among the fifteen research articles in this special issue? Clearly I stand to pick up some valuable personal pointers from the one…

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