The Cup Song – A Great Two Handed or Bilateral Activity

My girls have worked on perfecting The Cup Song sequence.  It is from the movie – Pitch Perfect (You’re gonna miss me when I’ve gone). They decided to divide the activity into two parts.  Shandra is the percussion expert and Mel the vocal expert.  I love how they are working together, having fun and learning from each other.

As I watched I thought, “What a great bilateral activity”.  It is hard to find higher level activities that are fun and require kids to use both side of their body, at the same time.  Now add the sequencing part and the part where several kids need to stay in tune with each other and I have a great classroom activity.  I will teach it as a single person activity and then try to get the class together as a symbiotic unit.  I can not see the kids performing this at the rate to match the song words but I do see it accomplished at a slower rate.

Shandra used her own wording to help learn the sequence.  The words definitely helped me figure out the sequence.  Her words describing the sequence.

“Clap, Clap, Left, Right Left
Clap, Up, Down
Grasp, Top, Turn, Cup, A, Round”

In looking for a tutorial, I wanted one that shows the activity from the child’s point of view. I also needed to video to go in slow motion so I (and the kids) can see the sequence as they attempt to learn.  I reviewed several and definitely think this is the best video to use as a teaching tool.   This video does not teach the words, that’s ok –  I am just going to start by just teaching the percussion piece.

To get a print out of the written sequence and the  lyrics for “You’re Gonne Miss Me” by Lulu and the Lampshades.

Let me know how it goes, we definitely had fun.


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