Dysgraphia Solutions for Math

Learning Challenges can often mean Math Challenges. These apps look like great support systems. For students in high school looking at college, I suggest you start exploring and using possible apps early to figure out which one actually help

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Math apps CalcuPad Mathscribe

Students with dysgraphia are challenged with producing written information legibly and fluently. Written composition is a significant challenge but also writing math problems can also be a challenge. Here area a few solutions for creating math problems electronically – yes with apps for that!

A couple that can do the job (certainly there are more!):

CalcuPad iconCalcuPad App (free and Pro- 1.99) – Provides a viewable writing area to display the math equation. Performs the calculation automatically. Provides symbols for operations as √, parentheses, exponents needed in algebra problems. You can populate a number of math problems on one page. Work flow provides printing, copying and emailing your work. Pro version removes ad.

CalcuPad pic1

Mathscribe iconMathScribe app (free) for iPad. Provides a document work environment for creating basic math problems. Create new and saves as RTF files. Three different keyboard providing a variety of math symbols are available using the PREV and NEXT buttons on the bottom of the keyboard.

Mathscribe pic1

Both of these…

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