A Time and a Place for Play

“Socially, adolescent youth are still learning through play.” Yes, teenagers need to play!



Part 1: Play done right in the garden of our children’s minds…

Why Play?  

School’s out for the summer, hooray! What will we do with ourselves with all our spare time? Why play, of course. Livin’ is easy, in the summertime. My daughter and I are making the most of our time to play: swimming, bike riding, library-ing, reading, dirt digging, game playing, craft-making, pottery painting, traveling to see family, visiting with friends and just plain hanging around are all part-n-parcel for summer, for us. Livin’ is busy in the summertime!

What does “play time” mean to you? Or rather, what do you think of, when you think about “play”? Does your inner reverie offer up the sounds of laughter and images of eyes crinkled at the corners, sparkling with delight? Do you think about games and puzzles, or children sneaking around engaged in make-believe bank heists, mystery investigations…

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