College and Disabilities – Resources to Share.

It is hard to believe that Mel will be eighteen in less than six months. Time sure has moved quickly.  As she is turning eighteen, she is participating in her last clinics at Texas Scottish Rite Hosptial.  The services at T.S.R.H. end at age eighteen.  I have been so blessed to live in an area with such great support.   At the end of the visit, I visited with the medical librarian in their family resource room.  The family resource room has always provided me with solid information no matter what the questions.  As my primary focus at this time in Mel’s life is supporting Mel in her journey to college, I requested information on disabilities and colleges.  I was given the following links.

  1. Disability Friendly Colleges
  2. Ten Things to Look for on Campus Visits
  3. Ten Things Students/Faculty Need to Know about Disabil. Support Services
  4. Videos of Students with Disabilities on college experience – Cal State
Do you have any resources you would like to share?  Comment below

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