Life is a Grain of Salt on a Tone Generator.

Beauty out of chaos.

Backwards with Time

When I watched this video I resonated (pun intended) with a grain of salt on that large metallic plate.  Considering the events of the last decade, there are moments when life seemed as chaotic, as random, and as painful as if someone threw me down and cranked up the pitch on the proverbial tone generator beneath my feet.  For example, bouncing around from place to place has been an adventure but, for me, always involved an unsettled anxiety about having no lasting commitment to a place and its people.   Confronting broken relationships and  the loss of loved ones has been painful and often led me to question the seeming randomness of life.

Every life has its own bumps.

But the pitch of the tone generator is changing, and a pattern is emerging. In this pattern, I am a settled grain of salt with my wife in Austin, Texas.  We are apart from family…

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