200 word press followers – A Blog Recap

celebrateDear Followers
It has been a fun ride and I have learned so much about myself and blogging.  I started this processes on November 20th 2012.  Well to be honest, I start researching and considering this idea several months earlier.

I originally stated with a different blog on a different site.  I was going to blog about Mel’s pressure sore.  A week by week synopsis of the three to six month processes.  In the end, that just did not feel right.  One is to tired during such an intense medical processes to blog clearly.

I admit, at first, I was a stat watcher.   Opening my blog several times a day to see what the stats were doing.  Stats are a funny thing.  They draw you in and then entice you back.  I’m glad that phase of blogging is over.  I blog when I can and check stats to see my trends.

My 200th word press follower did put a smile on my face.  Thanks, thanktherain. I was also glad to see this follower was someone with similar interests.  Those who click follow and seem to just be searching for their own followers, no real ties to my word, just do not give me the same feeling.

I have itched to do a recap for some time.  Those who have followed my blog for sometime may realize numbers, facts, stats and history interest me.  Information provides a sense of comfort.  As a parent with a child with Spina Bifida, knowledge has been a double edge sword.  It can spur one to reach for things attainable and drive you toward despair when you realize your child will be in the percentage that fails to attain.

So here is my recap. Thanks to those who have come along the journey with me.  Your comments and support have meant so much.

November 20th – Blog started
August 22nd – I noticed my 200 word press follower
Over 7,700 views

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