Games that Focus on Listening Skills

Listening, the ability to Hear and Understand.

Many kids and adults struggle to listen. Listening requires more than just hearing. It requires one to use your eyes to read body language and your ears to hear the speakers tone. Listening is a hard skill to develop. Here are a few of my favorite listening games.

Here are some of my other favorites

Egg Timer –  Set and hide an egg timer somewhere in a room. Have your child try to find it before or after it rings.

Shout Out – Using a book with a repetitive word, have the child “shout out” when they hear the repetitive word

Stop and Start – Using two noise makers, such as, a horn and a drum, instruct the child to walk when he hears the horn and to stop when he hears the drum.  Make this harder by using sounds that are similar

Make It – Fill 2 plastic container with exactly the same blocks or Legos. The child builds a structure behind a screen.  The child then has to tell the listener exactly what pieces he is putting together and how. The listener can ask questions to make sure that they have understood.

Teachers, educator, home school moms and therapists, what do you use to improve listening in your students?


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