The difference in a fork and a spoon

I have struggled with several things of late.  Things that most parents probably contemplate as their children get older.  Today as I headed toward church I wondered if the message would bring a little closure.  Bring a little peace to the turmoil, the questions and the uncertainties. Answer questions about right vs. reasonable.  Gods way vs. my way.  My wants vs. family needs.

I am grateful that today’s sermon, did in fact, facilitate a little calmness. Bring answers to some of the questions.  It seemed to bring a partial peace. A peace that prompted me to think about my life struggles differently.

During the sermon, which was based on the parable of the wedding, I was able to wrap my mind around the concepts of expectations.  To ponder how my expectations were playing a role in the confusion I felt.  You see, when I (or you) expect someone to be a certain way or think a certain way, we are doing a disservice to them and to our self. We are setting ourselves up for discord.

The topic of conflict was also examined.  Conflict is typically a result of unmet expectation.  It is part of every day life.  A life that can be lead by its struggles or the struggles can make that life stronger.  For conflict to make one stronger, it must be owed by all parties involved.

Think about it…. In each and every situation of conflict, were you or I, not at least .1% or more responsible.  It is only in taking responsibility for our .1+%  can conflict really be solved.

After church the family headed toward a favorite restaurant.  A family place to enjoy each others company and spend a few minutes before heading home to daily life.  While eating, a restful calmness was felt as my daughter asked “What is the difference in a fork and a spoon?” A simple question meant only to continue a conversation.  Yet this question, to me, led to additional insight into my personal thoughts.

You see, the differences in a spoon and fork vary depending on who you ask.  Each has a purpose, each has it’s our wonderful characteristics. In the end, you see, it does not matter how hard you try, a spoon will always be a spoon and a fork can only be a fork. If you try to change either, you just end up with a spork.


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