“…Even at supper, we are all on our phones or I-pads.”

I was sitting at Starbucks drinking my Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino.   Two girls were casually chatting, a little two loud for privacy.  They were in their twenties, probably from the local college.

AA “I don’t understand why you can’t talk to your mom about this”
BB “My parents and I rarely talk”
AA “Don’t you live at home?”
BB “Yep, but we never really talk. Even at supper, we are all on our phones or I-pads.”

Reality Check-What has technology done to this world, to family and to our brains? I know it is hard to get the screens turned off at our home!

How many nights have we spent as a family, each person in his or her own world, on screens.

I know the medical facts, the scientific evidence…..

“excessive screen-time appears to impair brain structure and function. Much of the damage occurs in the brain’s frontal lobe, which undergoes massive changes from puberty until the mid-twenties. Frontal lobe development, in turn, largely determines success in every area of life—from sense of well-being to academic or career success to relationship skills.”


I know what happened in our home. Our kids got older.  The number of screens increased.

Thanks Girls



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