Life Lessons from Jack

This is a great read.  When we watch and listen we all learn from those who live life with different struggles.

…..the first lesson Jack taught me. When death causes a separation between me and anyone I love, I want to have that same feeling. I want to have nothing amiss. If anything has been out of order, I want to have repaired it to the best of my ability.

…., accomplishments which might have seemed slight to others, could be celebrated by my family as the monuments they truly were.

…..add happiness and spirit to groups that is every bit as important as physical or intellectual superiority.

…… I thought Jack’s over-use of words like best and favorite were just a lack of language understanding. It turns out it is I who have a comprehension deficit. Jack is simply saying that these things bring him a maximum amount of happiness and joy. Life would be better for all of us if we could find so much fulfilment and satisfaction from so many competing people and things.

….Jack is happy with Jack.

….quick to forgive. …….when you love people unconditionally, they love you back.

….. said: “Oh well. Try again tomorrow”,


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