Give me REAL DATA not miracle stories

I get so tired of people selling stuff by providing information about how the product helped one other person.  Or, by providing only part of the story. I have been a special needs parent for over 18 years, give me solid data; not some miracle about one person.  There are over a billion people in this world.  What makes you think that just because Sally did better, my child will!!

Special needs parents need, and should ask for solid data. Show me a study in which a hundred people did what you are suggesting.  Give me the strengths and the weaknesses of your product, talent and knowledge. Do not provide stories about research you did. You are selling the product, of course your results turned out well. I”M NOT STUPID.

We parents are bombarded with this and that.  This worked for my kid so spend you money here.  This worked for my second cousin, try this.  Really!!  My child is not your child and my child is not your second cousin. Just because it worked for one does not mean it will work for all.

As parents we need to ask and expect to get solid information. If this is a product with no data, then tell us.   Do not sell us the product because you just formed a relationship with this provider, do not sell us a product because it is what you sell or do.


If we then want to try or purchase the product or treatment, at least we will be making our decision based  on what is known and what is not know.

Why is  this  mommy roaring.. …. I just got this email.

… this article documents some folks who had multiple breakdowns and flap surgeries.  The guy that wrote the article, NAME, had numerous flap surgeries with adhesions.  He was told that his “sitting” days were over prior to XXX product.  After he had his XXX product cushion down he sat for a number of years……  I am sending it with the hopes of helping you understand XXX product and some of the results it has accomplished.  I hope it helps…

I later find that the company selling me this XXX product  has just partnered with a certain W/C company.  Anyone want to guess what company or w/c product was recommended.   The person measuring for the XXX product is recommending the brand of W/C that is produced by the companies new partnership.  Did I hear this information from the sales rep,  NO!!

Now to  be fair, I am going to use the XXX product and get the W/C recommended.  I have researched and the product has a good reputation.

I am just squawking because the medical world is not providing our kids better services. Only better stories.

Thanks for allow me to vent.


name and product altered as I am in no way trying to steer a reader away from or towards a certain product.

4 thoughts on “Give me REAL DATA not miracle stories

  1. Have you read the book “Autism’s False Prophets?” It’s a GREAT book, I highly recommend it. 🙂

    Best of luck, 🙂

    • I would love to read it. Thanks Autism is definitely a disorder in which parents need real data. It is ok to strive for the best for your child. I hope as one strives, they know the possibility of a difference. And the medical data behind what makes a difference.

  2. I loved your vent! Why do so many people willfully truck in fairy dust? It’s almost as thought they don’t *want* to know any facts that might break their little spells. Stand your ground! A website I have found helpful for sorting the science from the dreck is ScienceBasedMedicine (dot com); it’s managed by actual pharmacists, surgeons, and physicians. Hang in there. Hugs, TGA

    • I’m reading a parenting book about common sense right now. It mentions: boiling down ideas into the simplest form and asking? Will this work? It mentions: assessing if fear and desperation are part of the decision making processes, does this plan make sense to the average person, what is the harm in moving forward or not moving forward and what is my and the treating person’s primary motivator. Great Questions that might deserve their own blog.

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