Quiz: Is your teen ready for college?

Ten Skills every child needs to help them succeed in college – Great blog, Had to share.

Does your teenager wake himself/herself up in the mornings for school?
Does your teen know how to wash his/her own clothes? How much detergent to use? How to sort?
Does your teen know what to do in the case of sickness? For example, would he know what medicines to take, when to go to the doctors, how to make a doctor’s appointment?
Does your teen successfully manage his or her own studies?
Does your teen know when and how to NOT submit to peer pressure?
Does your teen know how to read and navigate a map?
Can your teen make meals and snacks for himself?
Does your teen do a weekly chore without a reminder?
Do you let your teen handle it if he has problem with a teacher?
Does your teen have a checking account or debit card that he or she handles independently?

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Quiz: Is Your Teen Ready For College?, Jolyn Brand

Part of the “American Dream” is to send children off to college after high school. We envision them living in dorms, enjoying the true ‘college experience’, learning and growing into adults. The reality is that some children aren’t ready for that independence. Many college students return home after a semester or two of college, usually because of failing grades, lack of friends, or simply too much partying.

So how do parents know if their child is ready to go live on their own? Here’s a simple quiz:

Does your teenager wake himself/herself up in the mornings for school?

*This is the first sign of independence. Teens should have and use alarm clocks and be self-reliant to get themselves up in the mornings. I know, I know, parents are now shaking their hands, whispering that their teen isn’t a ‘morning person’…

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