I am my Disability and so MUCH more.

I love this bog. This mom hits it on the nail.

Kids with visible differences are just that, kids.  Kids who should be proud of who they are and of their whole entire selves. Not proud in “Oh, look what I have overcome”. But proud in the personal growth, the experiences and the way differences and sameness mold us into who we are.

Everyone is different. Everyone overcomes challenges. For some, the difference, can be astronomical. For some, the difference can be very public. That does not make them, Special. It just makes them visibly different. It provides visibly different experiences.

Don’t get caught up in what is visible.  I don’t want my child caught up in her difference.  I want her caught up in her strengths.  Proud of who she is.  Proud of the experiences that come along with her, being her.  A person’s differences can be a strength or a weaknesses. You know, differences can be either or both.   It is about the perception.  I want my child’s glass to be half full.  I want her searching for the open door, not staring at the closed one.

We are all molded by who we are and our experiences. That is what makes us – Human.

The mom writes, “I don’t want him to say “take that!” to his diagnosis– I want him to thrive in it. I don’t want him to downplay– I want him to celebrate. I want him to say disability and hear dignity.

I want to look my child in the eye, loving every inch of potential and pain, saying, “You are my son. You are defined by your experiences and your reactions to them. You are defined by your mind and your body. You are defined by your kindness and your faith and your integrity. You are defined by your disability. And every piece of you is beauty.”

This blog is worth reading.


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