I do not dream about walking.

I often stalk my kid’s social media sites.  I love to see how they process information and what matters to them.  This is an article many of Mel’s friends have responded to.

The main theme

Mel’s circle of friends do not sit around thinking about walking.

They do not see their wheelchair as a problem. 

Here is the last paragraph of the article.  It made me think ….

“In many ways, it’s as if mainstream news organizations have taken it upon themselves to fulfil the “dream” of wheelchair users, without actually stopping to ask two really important questions. Is this really your dream? How will this relentless pursuit of pseudo-walking (because let’s be clear here, we’re strapping you to a robot) make people feel who don’t share this dream?

So for the record: this is not my dream. I have no more desire to be strapped to a robot than I do to go swimming with great white sharks. In truth, my life as a wheelchair-user is a very good one. I do a lot of great things and know a lot of great people. So hey, able-bodied media: quit making me feel like wheelchairs are a shitty, sub-par option. Stop beating your exoskeleton drum. And most of all, let go of your obsession with walking, because it’s totally overrated. – See more at: http://attitudelive.com/blog/red-nicholson/opinion-why-obsession-walking#sthash.ryen467F.dpuf”

Here is the link  …..



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