Pressure Sore — 15 minutes vs 32 hours

It takes less than 15 minutes for a pressure sore to develop.

It takes a minimum of 32 hours (1-2 times a week for 16 weeks) for a pressure sore to heal.  That is a 30 minute trip to the wound care facility and a 60 minutes wound care visit. And that is for a small, pressure sore that heals quickly without infection or other complications.


walk on the concrete – you might be lucky


do not cover your feet when you are swimming – you might be lucky


Walk in that grass without shoes – you might be lucky

Go ahead, set in that chair without a cushion for 15 minutes. Let them get started while you hunt down a cushion.  What is 15 minutes anyway?  I could never happen to me.  Not to my child.

Go ahead, let them go on that sail boat ride.  I know you forgot the cushion, but they will have so much fun. They loose out on so much already.  No way, my child will get a pressure sore.  NO WAY!

I can calculate that over the last 8 years, my child has lost a whole year to pressure sore treatments.

Treatments that might have been prevented if we were shown pictures.  Treatments that might not have weakened the skin, making repeat sores an ever present threat.

Did you know that once you have a sore, that area will never, ever be 100% again.  EVER!

Just to be clear, the 1-2 times a week for 16 weeks is for a small pressure sore, on the heel,  A sore that is on the rump and requires a flap or other surgery may mean the child has to lay off that area for 16 weeks.  Yes, no school, no sports, no band, no swimming, no fun social events for 16 weeks.  Just because prevent was not emphasized above all else.

Is sitting without a cushion, not wearing shoes, not checking your body, not doing your chair lifts really worth    the risk?

Yes, some are lucky. Yes, some do not get sores.  Yes, your child may have already done the above and not gotten a sore.  Yes, someone you know did A, B, or C and is fine.

So, if you have an extra 32 hours over the next 16 weeks, then go ahead.  Do as you please.

I personally wish I had listened.  

Yes, once again, for the next 16 weeks, instead of coffee with friends. Instead of a lazy Thursday morning. Instead of reading, or watching TV, or just relaxing, I will, once again, be making a trip.  A trip to the wound care clinic.    Such Fun


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