Sitting Alone in a Special Need’s World.

Jonathan’s mom and I had coffee this morning.  She was talking about how lonely it sometimes feels to parent a special need’s child.

You see Jonathan is in high school.  His freshman year.  He is in the gifted program and he loves football. It was the the first game of the season.   Jonathan was so looking forward to this game.  So looking forward to this life experience.

The difficulty arose when they realized he would not be sitting in the student section.  Jonathan is mobility impaired and uses a wheelchair.  The bleachers are older and not designed for kids with wheelchairs to sit with their peers.   The student section is at the top and to the far left.  The front row crowded and a wheelchair not practical.  Wheelchairs and strollers are directed to the spacious reserved section.

And thus, she sat with Jonathan, in the mist of several mom’s who had strollers. Nothing in common, except the need to sit on the lower row.  It was a front row seat, but it was not a seat most would choose.  It was not a seat with his peers or her friends. Yes, the peers did stop and chat for short periods.  Yet, she felt isolated.  It was, once again, a time that no matter how hard they tried, the differences matter.

I remember those days.  

This afternoon, I saw this video and had a good cry. This mom did a great job of explaining what Jonathan’s mom was feeling last night and what all special need’s moms feel at some time.

Yes, he will be OK and she will be OK.  We will all be, Ok.  Just different……

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