Connected parenting vs. traditional, old-school parenting

Parenting styles matter.  Some kids need a different way.  If your child has experienced trauma.  This could be medical trauma, physical trauma, emotional trauma and you just can’t seem to understand his or her responses, you may need another way to parent.  This is an excellent article to help parents think about why they do, what they do.

Source: Connected parenting vs. traditional, old-school parenting

If you are interested in learning more about connected parenting.
Here is a reading list from TCU.

Purvis, K. B., Cross, D. R., & Sunshine, W. L. (2007). The Connected
Child: Bringing hope and healing to your adoptive family. New York, NY:

Purvis, K. B., Cross, D. R., Dansereau, D. F., & Parris, S. R. (2013).
Trust-based relational intervention (TBRI®): A systematic approach to
complex developmental trauma. Child & Youth Services, 34(4), 1-28.

Purvis, K. B., Cross, D. R., & Pennings, J. S. (2009). Trust-based
relational intervention: Interactive principles for adopted children with
special social-emotional needs. Journal of Humanistic Counseling,
Education, and Development, 48, 3-22.

Purvis, K. B., Parris, S. R., & Cross, D. R. (2011). Trust-based
relational intervention: Principles and practices. In Rosman, E. A.,
Johnson, C. E., & Callahan, N. M. (Eds.), Adoption factbook V (pp.
485-489). Alexandria, VA: National Council for Adoption.

If you learn by video, try these

Why Wont My Child Act His Age –

How Do I Handle Lying –

How Do I Handle Manipulation and Control –

And one more great resource which includes “10 Keys to Healing Trauma in the Adopted Child”

Not  familiar with TBRI, please set aside time to watch this video:

And one more resource to say things a different way. (Collaborative Problem Solving is important as challenging kids are still very poorly understood by the general public.  This misunderstanding only brings more sorry and hardship for all involved)

Need information for your child’s school.

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