Teaching Imitation, Spatial Skills and Sequencing using Lego Bricks

Legos are one of my favorite centers. Legos teach a lot of different skills.

  • Visual Scanning skills are needed to find that certain piece
  • Visual Spatial skills as a child figures out where a piece goes
  • Visual Organization skills develop as one understands how things are put together
  • Imitation Skills skills are needed to copy what others have created
  • Sequencing develops as the child puts the bricks together in the correct order
  • Soft Touch and Midrange skills are needed to connect the pieces correctly
  • Language Skills develop as bricks are placed on top, beside, between
  • Size Concepts are needed to understand the big vs the little brick is next
  • Distal Hand skills develop as the child holds several blocks in each hand during the building process

My one struggles with the use of Legos is finding pictures that provide the child with instructions to build simple objects.

Today, I came across a website that provides instructions for all ages and all lego types.  Duplo and simple lego designs that will excite a variety of learners.

I am so excited and can not wait to print these out and laminate.  I hope you enjoy




One thought on “Teaching Imitation, Spatial Skills and Sequencing using Lego Bricks

  1. I love the link to the lego designs! Thank you for finding it. Love your site, plan to share it with my fellow therapists and use some ideas with my own boys.

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