Drivers Education – Teaching Mel to Operate the Car

Teaching Mel to drive has been more of a challenge than I expected.  I do not know if it was because Coleman completed his training at a community facility and basically took care of all the requirements himself or I have a chip on my shoulder as I hate to be required to do anything

Drivers Education – What you can teach prior to the learning permit?

The following are skill that could be targeted prior to your child enrolling in driver’s education training or getting their learning permit. Finding your way around town using GPS Can your child find a desired location on a smart phone and/or GPS system? Can they use the information to get directions to that location? Can they direct

Transportation/Driving – A Start Towards Independance

Teaching a child to become a safe driver, or to get from point A to B, starts prior to age 16.  I worked in a private school for kids with Autism many years ago and one requirement for juniors, who were able, was to ride the local disability transportation system to and from school 30