It is important to understand the differences in the college and the K-12 educational systems

Parents of teens with medical and intellectual differences, who are looking at college as a possibility, need to understand the difference in their child’s rights and responsibilities as a college student.  In the United States, college is not a guaranteed right.  IDEA no longer applies. In college, the wall blocking your child’s path may or may not

What could I have focused more on in Middle School?

Over the past several months I have asked parents of young adults with special needs,  “What do you wish you had put more focus on during your child’s middle school years?”  The answers varied and gave insight into the skills needed post high school. 1.  A parent, of a young adult with Down Syndrome, indicated that

Three Things taken Away From A College Day for Kids with Mobility Impairments

Three things taken away from college day – reprinted with permission from the Dallas Jr Wheelchair Mavs Facebook Page During your child’s freshman and sophomore years, get with a social worker at any facility your child receives medical care, TSRH (Texas Scottish Rite Hospital) or therapy.  Ask for information on DARS, ask for information regarding transition services in

Organizational Apps – High School & College

Mel is a junior in high school and thus I am trying to help her become more organized and independent; especially with her study habits. In college, the class grades can be based on 3 or 4 tests. With  500+ students in a class the students has less time to interact with the instructor.  Projects are due at