Visitation Memories

Small country child Awake, alert, attentive Sounds surrounds Grandparents sleep Parents traveling City life awakens perceptions Sirens blaring, cars rushing, lights flickering Dogs barking, yelping, howling, talking  Soothing sachet of potpourri suspended near Darkness envelops, shields, calms Dreams rush in, vividly comfortable Visitation rituals Distant memories  Reflections prized, embraced, recalled                                                                                      April Anders Advertisements

Why Me – Why My Child?

I often wonder, why?  I think a lot of parents, special needs or not, lay awake at night and ask, why?    Why, an adverb used when confusion is present.  We are brought up to find the purpose, the reason for the random event of this life.  We are driven to answer this simple question but sometimes;

My Thougths About Blogging Today

Ok, so I’m not really sure where this will go but I can find all this information on the web from parents of younger kids and pages for adults to exchange information but very little on transitioning from high school to college or work when your child has a disability.  Especially if the child is only receiving 504