How to choose a wheelchair

A greats fitting wheelchair is essential. You know your kid, you know your body. Active participation and yes sometimes insurance appeals are needed to assure you get what you need.

I still remember getting Mel’s first chair.  Read about it here:


A Wheelchair Should Fit The Child

One of the saddest things to me is seeing a child, in a chair, that does not fit them.  Chairs are like a child’s shoes.  The correct fit can mean all the difference in usability, comfort and self-confidence.  A child’s life style, activity level and motor control should drive the selection.  I plan on it taking

Walking and Wheelchairs

I hesitate in writing this piece.  When you Google wheelchair or anything about wheelchairs you get so many posts, so many strong opinions about how a wheelchair is giving up on walking.  You find people recommending stroller to those whose child is getting to heavy.  However the replies do not seem to be from those who