age appropriate chores and free printable chore cards

I’ve been compiling a list of age-appropriate chores for our preschooler. Some of them can be done independently, and some will require my supervision. Some chores are everyday chores and others will only be done as needed. I decided on chore cards instead of a chart to guide her through her tasks, since they will vary…

Dysgraphia Solutions for Math

Originally posted on OT's with Apps & Technology:
Students with dysgraphia are challenged with producing written information legibly and fluently. Written composition is a significant challenge but also writing math problems can also be a challenge. Here area a few solutions for creating math problems electronically – yes with apps for that! A couple that…

Three Things taken Away From A College Day for Kids with Mobility Impairments

Three things taken away from college day – reprinted with permission from the Dallas Jr Wheelchair Mavs Facebook Page During your child’s freshman and sophomore years, get with a social worker at any facility your child receives medical care, TSRH (Texas Scottish Rite Hospital) or therapy.  Ask for information on DARS, ask for information regarding transition services in

Organizational Apps – High School & College

Mel is a junior in high school and thus I am trying to help her become more organized and independent; especially with her study habits. In college, the class grades can be based on 3 or 4 tests. With  500+ students in a class the students has less time to interact with the instructor.  Projects are due at

High School to College – Transitional Links

As Mel is moving from high school to college in a less than 2 years, I am constantly on the lookout for information to help make this transition successful.  All her life, I have sought to be a few years ahead of the game.  When she was enrolling in daycare, I was focused on kindergarten.  When

Day Care – Joys and Heartbreak

Mel was born into a typical American family with two working parents.  Being a stay at home mom was not at option.  Day care was going to be a necessity.  That was the reality of our family  structure. To back up a little.  I had not received prenatal testing, it was not standard practice in 1996. Having a child with

Non Verbal Learning Disability

I’m not sure where I got my data but for some reason, somewhere I read the 80% of kids with Spina Bifida will have a Nonverbal learning disorder.  As I’m looking today, I find that:   A study by Culattta in 1980 states that between 70 and 80 percent of children with spina bifida have marked educational

The Middle School Years….Time To Set The Long Term Goals

Transitions happen all the time.  Middle school was the time to sit back and think.  Do we really need to do every single activity in Texas. Does that make it better?  North Texas has so much to offer but it was time to let my girl lead.  To see a few options visit ( or or

My Thougths About Blogging Today

Ok, so I’m not really sure where this will go but I can find all this information on the web from parents of younger kids and pages for adults to exchange information but very little on transitioning from high school to college or work when your child has a disability.  Especially if the child is only receiving 504