Connected parenting vs. traditional, old-school parenting

Parenting styles matter.  Some kids need a different way.  If your child has experienced trauma.  This could be medical trauma, physical trauma, emotional trauma and you just can’t seem to understand his or her responses, you may need another way to parent.  This is an excellent article to help parents think about why they do,

Sitting Alone in a Special Need’s World.

Jonathan’s mom and I had coffee this morning.  She was talking about how lonely it sometimes feels to parent a special need’s child. You see Jonathan is in high school.  His freshman year.  He is in the gifted program and he loves football. It was the the first game of the season.   Jonathan was so

Change of Plan ~> Acceptance

Transitions are all about change. The life of a parent, with a special-needs child, is all about accepting change. It is about figuring out what to ask for and what to fight for. To accept. To be driven. Somethings, you just can’t change. I look back and say, “Should I have done something different?” How