College and Disabilities – Resources to Share.

It is hard to believe that Mel will be eighteen in less than six months. Time sure has moved quickly.  As she is turning eighteen, she is participating in her last clinics at Texas Scottish Rite Hosptial.  The services at T.S.R.H. end at age eighteen.  I have been so blessed to live in an area with such

Transition to Independent Living: What Happens After High School?

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Students gather on the sidewalk in front of the middle school after school on a Friday afternoon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Individuals with disabilities go through many transitions in their school career as they progress through elementary, middle school and high school. At each stage, teams discuss how to…

It is important to understand the differences in the college and the K-12 educational systems

Parents of teens with medical and intellectual differences, who are looking at college as a possibility, need to understand the difference in their child’s rights and responsibilities as a college student.  In the United States, college is not a guaranteed right.  IDEA no longer applies. In college, the wall blocking your child’s path may or may not

What could I have focused more on in Middle School?

Over the past several months I have asked parents of young adults with special needs,  “What do you wish you had put more focus on during your child’s middle school years?”  The answers varied and gave insight into the skills needed post high school. 1.  A parent, of a young adult with Down Syndrome, indicated that

High School to College – Transitional Links

As Mel is moving from high school to college in a less than 2 years, I am constantly on the lookout for information to help make this transition successful.  All her life, I have sought to be a few years ahead of the game.  When she was enrolling in daycare, I was focused on kindergarten.  When

The Middle School Years….Time To Set The Long Term Goals

Transitions happen all the time.  Middle school was the time to sit back and think.  Do we really need to do every single activity in Texas. Does that make it better?  North Texas has so much to offer but it was time to let my girl lead.  To see a few options visit ( or or