Why Everything Does Not Happen For A Reason

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That phrase. We’ve all received it personally gift-wrapped by well-meaning friends, caring loved ones, and kind strangers. It usually comes delivered with the most beautiful of intentions; a buffer of hope raised in the face of the unimaginably painful things we sometimes experience in this life. It’s a close, desperate lifeline thrown out to…

What could I have focused more on in Middle School?

Over the past several months I have asked parents of young adults with special needs,  “What do you wish you had put more focus on during your child’s middle school years?”  The answers varied and gave insight into the skills needed post high school. 1.  A parent, of a young adult with Down Syndrome, indicated that

Developing Hands-An Occupational Therapist’s Obsession

I once had the privilege of working at a private school for kids with autism. The emphasis at this facility was not only academic learning but functional skills. Some of the kids at this school had brilliant minds; however their bodies just were not cooperating. I think the cures and inventions of tomorrow lie in