Christmas Cards: Historical Habit or Sentimental Expression

As I walk down the hall, I pass one of my most prized Christmas possessions. It is a Christmas card holder that hung in my grandmother’s home. It is not prized for what it contains. It is prized because it represents traditions, history and sentiment. I ponder for a moment the reason, the reason the Christmas

Friendships – Things Get Complicated

Dr. Robin F. Goodman documented that between the ages 10-12 children start to make “cliques” with one another. They are usually of the same-sex and interested in the same things. This is when children acknowledge each other’s feelings, opinions, and point of views. In Mel’s world, the friends at this point no longer mixed. Church

Friendships Between Three and Nine Years of Age

Friends, how do we define? It is something we all wish for ourselves and for our kids. Friendships, what could I do to help my child, my different child, have and be a friend? This blog has taken the longest to formulate as it pinpoints major transitional changes that mattered to me.  That I felt

The Middle School Years….Time To Set The Long Term Goals

Transitions happen all the time.  Middle school was the time to sit back and think.  Do we really need to do every single activity in Texas. Does that make it better?  North Texas has so much to offer but it was time to let my girl lead.  To see a few options visit ( or or