Obstical Courses: Gross Motor and Speech Development

I love obstacle courses and as the weather gets colder and wetter, I tend to use them more in my classroom.  The following is a blog I often give to parents: “What is an obstacle course? An obstacle course is a series of challenging physical activities an individual must navigate through. The activities often require

Visual Perceptual and Early Number Sense

Children as young as five can recognize sets of numbers without counting.  Here are some great activities to help your young ones improve visual perceptual and number sense skills Stack the Dots Toss eight to ten dice on the table.  Have the child stack the dice with the same numbers.  I.e. all die with two

Games to Develop Speech and Language Skills in the School Age Child

Want to improve understanding?   What to help your child improve their ability to express themselves? What better way then to pick up a game and play. Don’t over emphasis the teaching part.  Don’t get caught up in the rules. Kids learn when having fun and what better fun than family games.  The above are some of

Hand Clapping Games = Good Old Fashion Learning

I have enjoyed hand clapping games in my classroom, been entertained by kids hand clapping at camps and learned different hand clapping patterns from my kids during their elementary school years.   I also remember hand clapping as a child.   Some childhood diversions have been around forever and I hope they remain a part of the different cultures of this world for some time.  Fun is fun no

Truth or Trash

I first played this game in my son’s Sunday school class. It’s an easy game and can be adapted for almost any subject. The basic concept is to write learning objectives on paper and then hold up the paper. The kids yell Truth, if the statement is true. As they shout, they get to do a