The stages of special needs parenting.

I find it interesting that people associate the stages of special needs parenting with the same steps of those who are grieving a loss. Yes, I can see how there is a similarity.  But, I also see big differences. In death there is finality.  When parenting a special needs child, there is movement, change and then

“The best year of my life will be the year I die” …

This is inspiring! A speech made by a valedictorian at Harrison High School has spread through social media for its inspirational message.Evan Mercer was born deaf. It was not discovered until he was 4 years old. His parents were told that speaking and reading were out of the question. On May 22, at age 18,

Inspirational, Such a Blessing, Extra Special and The Special Needs Child

Inspirational, Such a Blessing, Extra Special All words to describe special needs kids.  More so when they are little verses older depending on the level of difficulty and effort perceived by the rest of the world to do certain things.  Words used by parents when blogging and by friends and relatives as they discuss the