Give me REAL DATA not miracle stories

I get so tired of people selling stuff by providing information about how the product helped one other person.  Or, by providing only part of the story. I have been a special needs parent for over 18 years, give me solid data; not some miracle about one person.  There are over a billion people in this

Does my child have a feeding problem?

It is easy for parents to become worried, confused and agitated with their child’s eating habits.  Meal times are supposed to be relaxed, social bonding episodes in a busy day.  Toddler can be lovable one moment and then stubborn as rocks the next.  Some toddlers do not handle change well and in may ways cannot handle change.  Today’s life style is busy, so

Pressure Sores: Education is key to prevention

A pressure sore might also be called a pressure ulcers or bed sores. They occur when the skin and underlying tissue becomes damaged from too much pressure  or an injury that does not heal correctly. Individuals who uses wheelchair are at risk for pressure sores due to decreased blood flow, poor or no sensation and poor or misalignment