Navigating the Relationship with your Teen

Originally posted on Teen Talk:
by Chris Chiochios, LMFT, Site Director for JLS Middle School In my work with teens and their parents, I find that one of the most common and primary “complaints” or problems that bring families to seek additional support for their teen or child is communication, or lack thereof.  In reality…

What could I have focused more on in Middle School?

Over the past several months I have asked parents of young adults with special needs,  “What do you wish you had put more focus on during your child’s middle school years?”  The answers varied and gave insight into the skills needed post high school. 1.  A parent, of a young adult with Down Syndrome, indicated that

Ten steps toward fostering an independent teen

Teens can drive a parent crazy.  AB Teens, Special Needs Teens, It Does Not Matter.   The inability to make a decision, the lack of organization, the lack of time management.  I want to blame the above on Mel’s nonverbal learning disorder; however, I think a part of it is just the teen mentality of today.  Not all

Friendships – Things Get Complicated

Dr. Robin F. Goodman documented that between the ages 10-12 children start to make “cliques” with one another. They are usually of the same-sex and interested in the same things. This is when children acknowledge each other’s feelings, opinions, and point of views. In Mel’s world, the friends at this point no longer mixed. Church

The Middle School Years….Time To Set The Long Term Goals

Transitions happen all the time.  Middle school was the time to sit back and think.  Do we really need to do every single activity in Texas. Does that make it better?  North Texas has so much to offer but it was time to let my girl lead.  To see a few options visit ( or or