Rethinking Denial

How a medical professional approaches a special needs parent makes or breaks the relationship. I think this article should be read by all medical professionals.  What the medical professional thinks about a family can impact the plan of care that is developed. Phrases like: Parent’s just spoil him/her, It is just behavior, and That parent is

Drivers Education – Teaching Mel to Operate the Car

Teaching Mel to drive has been more of a challenge than I expected.  I do not know if it was because Coleman completed his training at a community facility and basically took care of all the requirements himself or I have a chip on my shoulder as I hate to be required to do anything

Games that Focus on Listening Skills

Listening, the ability to Hear and Understand. Many kids and adults struggle to listen. Listening requires more than just hearing. It requires one to use your eyes to read body language and your ears to hear the speakers tone. Listening is a hard skill to develop. Here are a few of my favorite listening games. Here

Dysgraphia Solutions for Math

Originally posted on OT's with Apps & Technology:
Students with dysgraphia are challenged with producing written information legibly and fluently. Written composition is a significant challenge but also writing math problems can also be a challenge. Here area a few solutions for creating math problems electronically – yes with apps for that! A couple that…

The Cup Song – A Great Two Handed or Bilateral Activity

My girls have worked on perfecting The Cup Song sequence.  It is from the movie – Pitch Perfect (You’re gonna miss me when I’ve gone). They decided to divide the activity into two parts.  Shandra is the percussion expert and Mel the vocal expert.  I love how they are working together, having fun and learning from each other. As I

Hand Clapping Games = Good Old Fashion Learning

I have enjoyed hand clapping games in my classroom, been entertained by kids hand clapping at camps and learned different hand clapping patterns from my kids during their elementary school years.   I also remember hand clapping as a child.   Some childhood diversions have been around forever and I hope they remain a part of the different cultures of this world for some time.  Fun is fun no

Ten steps toward fostering an independent teen

Teens can drive a parent crazy.  AB Teens, Special Needs Teens, It Does Not Matter.   The inability to make a decision, the lack of organization, the lack of time management.  I want to blame the above on Mel’s nonverbal learning disorder; however, I think a part of it is just the teen mentality of today.  Not all

Truth or Trash

I first played this game in my son’s Sunday school class. It’s an easy game and can be adapted for almost any subject. The basic concept is to write learning objectives on paper and then hold up the paper. The kids yell Truth, if the statement is true. As they shout, they get to do a

Organizational Apps – High School & College

Mel is a junior in high school and thus I am trying to help her become more organized and independent; especially with her study habits. In college, the class grades can be based on 3 or 4 tests. With  500+ students in a class the students has less time to interact with the instructor.  Projects are due at

Non Verbal Learning Disability

I’m not sure where I got my data but for some reason, somewhere I read the 80% of kids with Spina Bifida will have a Nonverbal learning disorder.  As I’m looking today, I find that:   A study by Culattta in 1980 states that between 70 and 80 percent of children with spina bifida have marked educational