The stages of special needs parenting.

I find it interesting that people associate the stages of special needs parenting with the same steps of those who are grieving a loss. Yes, I can see how there is a similarity.  But, I also see big differences. In death there is finality.  When parenting a special needs child, there is movement, change and then

Navigating the Relationship with your Teen

Originally posted on Teen Talk:
by Chris Chiochios, LMFT, Site Director for JLS Middle School In my work with teens and their parents, I find that one of the most common and primary “complaints” or problems that bring families to seek additional support for their teen or child is communication, or lack thereof.  In reality…

When should my children get up and ready by themselves?

When do kids typically wake themselves up? Can this be accomplished without conflict? How do I get my child to get out of bed on her own? Why should this even matter? For one thing, I must have a positive morning experience. Stress, fighting, and chaos is not the way I want to start my day.

Today I hate……..And that’s OK

Today is one of those days. It’s a day the ugly disorder sticks its head up and reminds me that Mel does have Spina Bifida. She is different, disabled and ……. These days come and go as do the moments of life. Some days are better than others. I can describe it kind of like a