“The best year of my life will be the year I die” …

This is inspiring! A speech made by a valedictorian at Harrison High School has spread through social media for its inspirational message.Evan Mercer was born deaf. It was not discovered until he was 4 years old. His parents were told that speaking and reading were out of the question. On May 22, at age 18,

Games that Focus on Listening Skills

Listening, the ability to Hear and Understand. Many kids and adults struggle to listen. Listening requires more than just hearing. It requires one to use your eyes to read body language and your ears to hear the speakers tone. Listening is a hard skill to develop. Here are a few of my favorite listening games. Here

Predicting the future of special needs kids

At 17, Mel has been one of the lucky ones.  No shunt difficulties-yet. During her most recent developmental assessment, the nurse indicated that; as Mel has had no signs of shunt malfunction, the next period of concern, for shunt malfunction, would be at age 22 years.  In other words, if Mel follows the current data, her

Transition to Independent Living: What Happens After High School?

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Students gather on the sidewalk in front of the middle school after school on a Friday afternoon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Individuals with disabilities go through many transitions in their school career as they progress through elementary, middle school and high school. At each stage, teams discuss how to…

Dysgraphia Solutions for Math

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Students with dysgraphia are challenged with producing written information legibly and fluently. Written composition is a significant challenge but also writing math problems can also be a challenge. Here area a few solutions for creating math problems electronically – yes with apps for that! A couple that…

The Cup Song – A Great Two Handed or Bilateral Activity

My girls have worked on perfecting The Cup Song sequence.  It is from the movie – Pitch Perfect (You’re gonna miss me when I’ve gone). They decided to divide the activity into two parts.  Shandra is the percussion expert and Mel the vocal expert.  I love how they are working together, having fun and learning from each other. As I

Home Toys Vs Therapy Materials – What’s the difference?

As a parent I want to make sure my child is learning at home and in therapy.  As an educator, I want to maximize a student’s progress and aid the parent in spending money wisely. Last week, a parent requested information on where to buy a peg board.  Really, a peg board, how boring!  One of

It is important to understand the differences in the college and the K-12 educational systems

Parents of teens with medical and intellectual differences, who are looking at college as a possibility, need to understand the difference in their child’s rights and responsibilities as a college student.  In the United States, college is not a guaranteed right.  IDEA no longer applies. In college, the wall blocking your child’s path may or may not