Three Common Myths about the Teenage Brain

Originally posted on Mom Psych:
The latest issue of Current Directions in Psychological Science came this week and caused me a ‘major’ personal dilemma. My book club meets on Monday, and my Kindle tells me I’m only 2 percent of the way through Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, which I will be expected to discuss with…

When should my children get up and ready by themselves?

When do kids typically wake themselves up? Can this be accomplished without conflict? How do I get my child to get out of bed on her own? Why should this even matter? For one thing, I must have a positive morning experience. Stress, fighting, and chaos is not the way I want to start my day.

Friendships Between Three and Nine Years of Age

Friends, how do we define? It is something we all wish for ourselves and for our kids. Friendships, what could I do to help my child, my different child, have and be a friend? This blog has taken the longest to formulate as it pinpoints major transitional changes that mattered to me.  That I felt